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Ducument Introduction 

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This means so much to us. Everytime, people need to carry their documents with them. Private protection, Password guarding or NDA ( Non-disclosure agreement ) event was pain. We stood up against the pain to give you comfortable journey with our portal.

We are on a mission to build, grow and maintain loyal communities at every touchpoint. This means you can accomplish your business goals through our platform.

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Creating Online document at has below mentioned advantages :-

Set Up Online Document

Setting up Online Document gives you lots of benefit like portability & one click share.

Virus-Malware Protection

Protection from Offline Docs that are binded with virus or trojan to infect & track your device.

Make Money with Document

Set price for your document, so that viewers has to pay you to view your document.

Approve or Deny View

Great Control! You can anytime approve or deny the document to your viewers.

Password Protected

Password protect your document and share with people to whom you want them to read.

Technical Report

Get all techinal report for your document like total views or total sale etc,.

Disable Search Engine View 

Disable public view to your form and it will stop your document getting listed in Search engine.

Share it to Many in One Go

With Document online, now you can share your document to many people in One go.

NDA Protect Option

Setup Non-Disclosure Agreement and ask your doc viewer to sign Non-Disclosure agreement.

Password based and Non Disclosure Verification Generator 

Need password based protection or Need user to sign NDA before viewing the Docs.

Password & NDA Option

Ask your client to sign NDA form before viewing document online.Sometimes NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) are part of your requirement before you share any types of IDEA's or Secret Message. With our In-built features, you can let your client sign and accept NDA form before they read it over your message.
With this you also get an option to know, who is reading your form and you can disapprove or deny based on form signed.

You can also set password for your document and let only those people to view the docs who has password.